ETL Developer Salary in 2024

💰 The median ETL Developer Salary in 2024 is USD 109,750

✏️ This salary info is based on 8 individual salaries reported during 2024

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Salary details

The average ETL Developer salary lies between USD 72,000 and USD 140,000 globally. It represents the overall compensation/gross salary amount for the working year (before deductions like social security, taxes and other contributions), not including equity/stock options or similar benefits.

Job title
ETL Developer
all levels
Salary year
Sample size
Top 10%
$ 166,000
Top 25%
$ 140,000
$ 109,750
Bottom 25%
$ 72,000
Bottom 10%
$ 53,300

All data shown are full-time equivalent (FTE) salaries. Part-time salary information has been extrapolated to its FTE value.

Last updated: April 7, 2024

Salary trend

Top 20 Job Tags for ETL Developer roles

The three most common job tag items assiciated with ETL Developer job listings are ETL, SQL and Testing. Below you find a list of the 20 most occuring job tags in 2024 and the number of open jobs that where associated with them during that period:

ETL | 49 jobs SQL | 43 jobs Testing | 23 jobs Data warehouse | 22 jobs Agile | 21 jobs Architecture | 20 jobs Security | 19 jobs Python | 18 jobs SSIS | 18 jobs Oracle | 17 jobs Engineering | 16 jobs Azure | 16 jobs Informatica | 16 jobs Computer Science | 14 jobs Business Intelligence | 13 jobs AWS | 12 jobs Talend | 12 jobs Data Warehousing | 11 jobs Pipelines | 11 jobs Java | 11 jobs

Top 20 Job Perks/Benefits for ETL Developer roles

The three most common job benefits and perks assiciated with ETL Developer job listings are Career development, Health care and Flex hours. Below you find a list of the 20 most occuring job perks or benefits in 2024 and the number of open jobs that where offering them during that period:

Career development | 23 jobs Health care | 9 jobs Flex hours | 7 jobs Competitive pay | 7 jobs Team events | 6 jobs Startup environment | 5 jobs Equity | 4 jobs Flex vacation | 4 jobs Parental leave | 3 jobs Relocation support | 3 jobs Wellness | 2 jobs Salary bonus | 2 jobs 401(k) matching | 1 jobs Lunch / meals | 1 jobs Conferences | 1 jobs Snacks / Drinks | 1 jobs Medical leave | 1 jobs Insurance | 1 jobs

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ETL Developer @ $ 109,750 (United States) Details

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