2025 UC Berkeley Data Science Grad


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Hello! I'm Duy Vu, currently studying @ the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Data Science.

💡 Currently, I'm
• Tutoring DATA 8 and CS 88 to multiple students! I love helping other students, just send a message!

💡Previously, I
• Took down bot and hacked accounts through investigations and monitoring systems at Spotify.
• Worked with the ASUC to deliver the creation of fast and efficient systems for the Spring 2023 Elections!
• Worked under Ubisoft to analyze player event tracking systems and navigate the video game industry
• Performed a Regression Model on Variable Stars Light patterns of a Nebula using Fourier Decompostions.
• Did research on digital vs traditional medium performances over COVID-19
• Trained a GAN to learn the guitar!

📫 duyxvu@berkeley.edu

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