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Python | LLMs | ReactJS | NodeJS | Machine Learning Engineer | Fullstack Developer


AWSAzureDockerElasticsearchFastAPIGPTLambdaLangChainLLaMALLMOpsLLMsNode.jsOpenAIPostgreSQLPythonRAGReactSageMakerStep Functions


Creative, problem-solver and well-rounded Software Engineer with in-depth software engineer expertise and a wide-ranging 8+ years of experience. Has served as a mentor and teacher to 200+ students and peers, showing the ability to explain complex concepts clearly and understandably to even non-experts. Able to design, build, deploy, maintain, and evolve software solutions, delivering value and quality systems. Currently working with Node.JS, ReactJS, Python and C# technologies and doing AI research PhD, serving in R&D projects as Machine Learning Engineer. I am a enthusiastic about innovation and computational development at service of humanity.


Goiânia, Goiás, BR Flag of

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