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Professional educator with technical proficiency, communication skills, and a passion for environmental sustainability


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I’m a professional educator with years of experience as a university instructor and assistant professor, which means that I know how to communicate complex ideas in simple terms. I have an English minor with an emphasis in creative writing, so I know how to tell engaging stories, whether those stories are told through creative fiction or data science reports. I’ve taught college-level public speaking and know how to speak and present effectively, including how not to put audiences to sleep with technical information. (Which I know would never happen with an audience as sophisticated as you, right? Hey, are you still there? Hello?)

I’m a PhD researcher with training in quantitative methods, qualitative methods, and computational methods, which means that I know how to ask questions in a variety of ways and find reliable answers. My area of focus is environmental sustainability, and working towards a more just and sustainable world provides my work with meaning and fuels my passion for what I do. I would love to carry over this environmental focus into data science.

I’m a “Renaissance person” with a varied background and a wide set of skills and interests, which means that I can communicate effectively across domains to reach different audiences. I have graduate or undergraduate degrees in computer science, mathematics, systems science, women’s studies, and geography. Outside of data science, I enjoy playing poker, board games, and sports like basketball and ultimate Frisbee where tallness confers a commanding advantage (I’m 6’4”). I also like to have fun doing what I do!I currently live in Fresno, CA, but am looking to relocate to the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins area.


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