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For 5+ years, managed an interdisciplinary project (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation) linking complex human annotation of textual data with machine learning to enhance LLM output and improve A.I. The project (https://www.intrepid-project.com/) sought to develop a general understanding of how policy announcements by state agencies are interpreted by journalists. In other words, how does a journalist go from point A--a press briefing, for example--to point B--the article they write about the press briefing? To understand the interpretation process, we devised a technique where journalistic accounts of policy announcements on central bank monetary policy and on foreign policy were hand-annotated to surface particular features of interest, especially contextually important information that didn't appear in the written text. We then used machine learning techniques on announcement texts that differ on issue domains (monetary vs. foreign policy) and time period (from the late 1960s to 2018), matching those announcement texts to the human-annotated journal articles about them. In this way, we aimed to develop models of the journalistic announcement interpretation process.I served as the main research collaborator with our project partners at the Idiap Research Institute, an artificial intelligence research center in Martigny, CH (www.idiap.ch). Day-to-day, my primary tasks on the project were to: ▪ Lead the data creation team: annotate news articles using qualitative text analysis to create the raw data for our machine learning partners at Idiap; train and directly manage three assistants in their annotation work; onboard/train new team members; execute quality control checks of data produced; create open-source dataset of human-annotated articles ▪ Plan, evaluate, and modify the team’s workflow to meet goals/deadlines; track KPIs and team performance; report to PIs on progress▪ Co-author and present academic papers at international conferencesI have a PhD in Political Science from the Geneva Graduate Institute (2015) and BA in Psychology from Smith College (2006).I am a specialist in qualitative data collection and analysis, focusing on the explicit and implicit meanings of words. My teaching experience is in qualitative methods and political psychology. I am also well-versed in and concerned by AI governance issues, especially threats to elections and democracy. Now that our project is complete, I am looking for a new opportunity in a technology-focused company that leverages human knowledge and input in the training of their LLMs. I am looking specifically for project/program management, team manager, or scientific collaborator roles. Nationalities: USA & SwissLanguages: English & FrenchTop skills: Action oriented; adaptability; analytical/critical thinking; attention to detail; collaborates; cultural sensitivity; decision quality; emotional intelligence; ensures accountability; financial literacy; flexibility; instills trust; integrity; interpersonal skills; leadership; manages complexity; mentorship; optimizes work processes; organizational ability; perseverance; problem-solving; resilience; resourcefulness; self-awareness; strategic planning; teamwork; time management; working asynchronously; written & oral communication


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