PhD. Senior Data Scientist. NLP / LLM focus. Pragmatic, goal-oriented approach. Diverse experience in Telco, Finance, AdTech, LegalTech and Media.


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As a Senior Data Scientist with a PhD in Computer Science from the Polish Academy of Sciences, my professional journey has been defined by significant contributions to the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Models (LLMs), and Generative AI. My expertise is grounded in a diverse experience across sectors such as telecommunications, finance, advertising technology, media, and legal research, where I have managed and mentored project teams of various sizes.In recent years, my focus has been on applying advanced NLP and LLM techniques to solve complex problems. A notable project includes improving the retrieval precision of tax documents for a Legal Tech company, where I increased precision@1 from 52% to 81% using closed and open-source LLMs, bi-encoders, and AWS technologies. My work with Mediapulse AG in Switzerland involved designing and implementing models to enrich official TV data measurement, utilizing tools such as Pandas, XGBoost, and MLflow. Additionally, my contribution to the ReTV project for Genistat AG as an R&D; partner in an EU Horizon 2020 grant involved creating a novel recommender system based on video/text embeddings and user profiles.My technical proficiency spans a range of languages and tools, including Python, SQL, R, and Java, alongside deep learning tools such as HuggingFace and PyTorch. I have also developed expertise in machine learning, data wrangling, and the productionization of AI/ML models, with a keen focus on the practical application of these technologies in industry projects.Throughout my career, I have consistently leveraged my skills to contribute to the development of innovative solutions, demonstrating a strong commitment to advancing the application of NLP, LLM, and Generative AI technologies in real-world scenarios.


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