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AI Developer @ Linkt | Formerly AI @ OpenView Partners | LLM and Generative AI Developer | Proficient in PyTorch, TensorFlow, LangChain, and other Fra

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AirflowAWSComputer VisionDeep LearningDockerFastAPIFeature engineeringGenerative AIGoogle CloudHuggingFaceJupyterLangChainLinuxLLMsMachine LearningMLFlowNLPNumPyOpenAIPineconePySparkPyTorchSnowflakeTensorFlowTransformers


As an AI Developer at Linkt, I am at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence technologies into practical applications. My focus lies in enhancing object detection models for mobile devices and developing high-precision image capture solutions, leveraging tools such as ONNX for optimization. Furthermore, I contribute to projects employing open-source …
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Role interests

AI DeveloperAI EngineerApplied Machine Learning EngineerGenerative AI EngineerMachine Learning DeveloperMachine Learning EngineerML Engineer
Entry-level / JuniorMid-level / Intermediate

Job type interests

Full TimePart TimeInternshipContract

Remote only: Yes

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