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Senior MLOps/Machine Learning Engineer (soon Staff/Architect) with background in DevOps and education in financial and biomedical statistics.

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ArchitectureAthenaAWSBig DataCI/CDComputer VisionDeep LearningDevOpsGCPKafkaKubeflowKubernetesLambdaLangChainLLMOpsLLMsMachine LearningMLOpsNLPOpenAIOpenSearchPythonPyTorchSageMakerTerraform


I’m a Senior MLOps/Machine Learning Engineer currently working all sorts of ML projects for education:
* Cloud ML Platform for end-to-end classic Machine Learning and Deep Learning (data processing, training, evaluation, serving and monitoring).
* Multimodal (NLP and CV) processing pipelines for OCR, NER, CV detection, text classification.
* Semantic Search and Retrieval …
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Last updated about 2 months ago

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AI ArchitectGenerative AI EngineerMachine Learning EngineerMachine Learning Software EngineerML EngineerMLOps EngineerPrincipal AI EngineerPrincipal Machine Learning EngineerStaff Machine Learning Engineer
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