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AI Software Engineer | ML, NLP, LLM(Llama 2) | Data Analysis, Science | Chatbot, RAG, Generative AI, LangChain, OpenAI Func Calling | AWS, Azure, GCP

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AnsibleAWSAzureChatbotsChatGPTDatabricksDockerGCPKubernetesLangChainLLaMA2PostgreSQLPySparkPythonPyTorchReactScikit-learnSemantic AnalysisTensorFlowTerraform


As a proficient Senior Software Engineer (Python) with extensive knowledge in Web/Mobile Development, AI, and Software Engineering, I contribute a wealth of expertise in diverse areas, cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure), data analysis & automation, MLOPs, Generative AI (Chatbots), and data engineering. Throughout my career, I have leveraged Machine Learning …
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Last updated about 5 months ago

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AI ArchitectAI DeveloperAI EngineerAI ProgrammerAI Research EngineerData AnalystLead AI ProgrammerMachine Learning EngineerMachine Learning Software EngineerML Engineer
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United KingdomUnited States

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