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AI Software Engineer & AI Solutions Architect | GPT4, Llama3, Langchain, llama-index, autogen/CrewAI, Chatbot Integration, RAG/Prompt Engineering, AWS


AnsibleAWSAzureChatbotsChatGPTDatabricksDockerGCPKubernetesLangChainLLaMA2PostgreSQLPySparkPythonPyTorchReactScikit-learnSemantic AnalysisTensorFlowTerraform


Dynamic and innovative AI Software Engineer and Solutions Architect with over 9 years of diverse industry experience. Expert in backend development, web development, and comprehensive AI Solutions including NLP/ML, LLM/RAG, Vector Embedding, Hybrid Search (Sparse & Dense Embedding), TTS/STT, Img2Text, Text2Img, and Prompt Engineering. Demonstrated success across healthcare, education, real estate, finance, and more by designing and implementing sophisticated AI systems to drive organizational growth and efficiency. Key Accomplishments:
  • AI Adaptive eLearning System: Developed a platform utilizing adaptive learning algorithms for personalized student support.
  • AI Healthcare Navigator: Created a comprehensive medical assistant offering symptom checks, medication guides, and appointment scheduling.
  • AI-Powered Flight Booking System: Streamlined airline ticket booking with real-time alerts and tailored recommendations.
  • AI Marketing Intelligence Advisor: Engineered a research tool for marketing, integrating product databases and generating client-specific recommendations.
  • AI Car Investment Optimizer: Revolutionized the car flipping market with predictive profitability analyses and real-time dynamic pricing models.
  • AI Trip Planner: Designed a tool for comprehensive travel planning, from destination selection to flight booking and budget tracking.
  • AI Legal Analysis Tools: Automated document analysis and creation to improve efficiency in legal tasks.
  • AI Course Advisor for Restaurants: Developed systems for reservation management, menu optimization, and customer insights.


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