Siri – Senior Machine Learning Engineer / Scientist (Decision Systems)

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“People with passion can change the world” The launch of Siri was a defining moment in the history of Artificial Intelligence. Hundreds of millions of people now use Siri to send a message, play their favourite song or even take a selfie. Now imagine what you could do at Apple. At Apple we’re driving a new revolution in the way people and machines interact. We are looking for creative machine learning engineers eager to push the boundaries of AI with a single aim: to make a real difference to the lives of Siri users.

Key Qualifications
  • Machine learning in large scale systems
  • Software engineering skills
  • Publications in top-tier machine-learning conferences (or equivalent experience)
Working as part of an extraordinary team, including world renowned academics, top software engineers and expert machine learning practitioners, we are passionate about applying groundbreaking techniques to conversational dialogue. Siri processes more than a billion requests every week, so you will enjoy implementing machine learning at scale and you’ll tackle all the complexities involved in taking research work through to production. You will love the state of the art resources at Apple. Huge compute grids, top-quality machine learning tools, and large quantities of data will help you improve user facing features. Day to day you will be involved in data preparation, prototyping machine learning algorithms, implementing solutions in a production environment, tracking metrics and contributing to the reporting of scientific results. The overall goal is to make Siri more intelligent. If this is you, we’d love to hear from you.
Education & Experience
– PhD in Machine Learning or a related topic (or equivalent practical experience)