Siri – Applied ML Engineer (Conversational AI)

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Siri is fast becoming the best way to get things done by talking to our personal devices. Hundreds of millions of people now use Siri to send a message, play their favourite song, or even take a selfie. We’re looking for an exceptional Applied Machine Learning Engineer who would love to extend Siri’s conversational AI capabilities to make it even more intelligent and robust with state-of-the-art machine learning models and techniques. Now imagine, what could you do here? With your passion and dedication to revolutionising the way people and machines interact, there’s no telling what you could accomplish.
Key Qualifications
  • Experience developing and deploying ML models in a large-scale production environment
  • Understanding of standard machine learned models and ability to implement them
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Object-oriented software design and programming
  • Proficiency with common machine learning frameworks, such as Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.
  • Proficiency in more than one programming language, such as C++, Python, Java etc.
Working as part of an extraordinary team, including world-class software engineers, renowned academics, and expert machine learning practitioners we are all passionate about applying groundbreaking techniques to conversational dialogue. We focus on improving Siri’s conversational AI capabilities, such as: Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Apply supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques so that Siri can better understand our users. You will rain models on very small datasets and on very large datasets, selecting the right approach for each scenario. It’s important our shipping systems are as accurate as possible to run as fast as possible. Decision Making: Strive to continuously improve Siri’s decision making in order to help our users achieve their goals with Siri, e.g. by applying Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning modelling approaches to support novel intelligent behaviour and improve the handling of ambiguous requests. We care about finding opportunities for conversational decision making, develop highly performant models for solving related problems, and verify the impact that our solutions have for our users. You will solve problems in a data-driven manner with machine learned models, you’ll be involved in all phases of model development including data analysis, prototyping, testing, deployment and monitoring in production. Furthermore, you will be supporting and developing the software components, tooling and frameworks that facilitate model development and execution. Based in Cambridge, we work closely with teams across Apple worldwide and are looking for expert Applied ML Engineers to join our Agile development teams. You will have great technical skills, a drive for high quality software and the ability to innovate creative solutions. Communicating clearly and having the flexibility to learn new technologies, while continuously developing your skills will be key to your success. You will fit into our teams, be a fantastic collaborator, comfortable with giving and receiving feedback and able to thrive in a dynamic environment. If this is you, we’d love to hear from you.
Education & Experience
MSc or PhD in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (other relevant experience considered)