Lead Engineer – 1, Computer Vision Development

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Bring your passion and talent to our stage and share our PepsiCo vision to be the Global Leader in Convenient Foods and Beverages by Winning with Purpose. “Winning with Purpose” reflects our ambition to win sustainably in the marketplace and embed purpose into all aspects of the business

PepsiCo IT exists to shape, create and deliver technology capabilities to accelerate PepsiCo’s growth. Our vision is to power PepsiCo with the best talent and technology in the world. To achieve this vision, our team spans a wide range of IT capabilities. We partner with every PepsiCo business function – consumer insights, marketing & innovation, sales & eCommerce, supply chain & operations, and all back-office functions – to increase business value through new technology and digital solutions.

India will be a global IT Technology Hub for PepsiCo. The global IT Technology Hub in India will play a significant role in the delivery of IT services across all five of our global capability teams:

  • Chief Technology Office (CTO)
  • Global IT Operations
  • Global Information Security
  • Global Development & Delivery
  • Strategy, Planning & Transformation

PepsiCo CTO’s mission is to drive the technology strategy and deliver innovative solutions using leading edge, state-of-the-art digital platforms and modern infrastructure to transform the way PepsiCo makes its products, moves the products across many geographies, and sells them in diversified markets. We push the boundaries of what is possible by leveraging some of the emerging technologies. PepsiCo CTO team is considered as the internal trusted advisor to the business teams globally. Leaders in this organization have rich consulting, management and technology delivery experience, who are also great mentors for many employees.

The CTO team brings the entrepreneurial spirit and speed of a startup company to innovate and solve real business challenges that are diverse, complex, and unique due to the global nature of PepsiCo’s business. These high-value innovations are delivered through internal teams as well as a partner eco-system of start-ups, academic institutions as well as large technology firms. CTO team members work with incubators and curated startup companies on a regular basis.

The CTO team delivers solutions leveraging leading-edge technologies in the areas of a) Big Data & advanced analytics using Teradata, HANA Enterprise, Hadoop, and Microsoft Azure Analytics, b) Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, computer vision technologies for video, image, text, and voice analytics using programming languages such as R, python, Tensorflow, and GPU hardware for compute intensive applications, c) Internet of Things platforms (Cloud and Edge computing), d) Intelligent automation using RPA (UIPath), e) Augmented Reality using Apple ARkit and Android ARCore, f) Wearable devices & applications for hands free factory and warehouse operations, g) Blockchain for food safety and supply chain visibility, h) modern mobile application platforms, and i) modern infrastructure using hybrid multi-cloud environments and state-of-the-art collaboration and communication platforms. The CTO team also leverages agile development tools and processes (DevOps, Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery pipelines, etc.).

If solving sticky business problems using technology is your passion, PepsiCo CTO team provides unique opportunities to individuals like you. We invite you to take a look at the opportunities available to come and join our team.

We are seeking an Developer – Computer Vision responsible for Developing innovative technology solutions takes more than talent: it takes amazing people who understand collaboration, respect, and who will go the “extra mile” to achieve unthinkable results. It takes people who have the passion and desire to disrupt the status quo, push boundaries, and deliver innovation. If you have this type of passion, we invite you to take a look at the opportunity available to come join our team. PepsiCo’s IT Innovation team is looking for an experienced data science analyst to support artificial intelligence initiatives that require image and video analytics. This role will be responsible for developing business solutions that require image and video analytics capabilities by implementing state-of-the art technologies and solutions. You will be collaborating with other developers and partners skilled in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.


Functional Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop and pilot artificial intelligence solutions to solve business problems using the latest and most appropriate technologies in Computer vision, Machine Learning and Deep learning
  • Develop computer vision algorithms for 3D Video, object detection, multiple object tracking, etc.
  • Evaluate vendors and technologies in computer vision, machine learning and deep learning
  • Leverage and tweak pre-build computer vision and other neural network models to solve business problems
  • Maintain and test the code written in python, R and Tensorflow
  • Report progress to the Senior Manager, Artificial intelligence in Plano.

Key Competencies Required:

  • Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning
  • Programming experience in python, R or Tensorflow
  • Outside the box thinking
  • Creativity in presentations and ability to influence

Key Qualifications/Requirements:

  • BS with computer science, statistics, data science or related field
  • Strong business acumen and problem solving skills with ability to influence
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in uncertain and emerging environments
  • Creative mindset and outside the box thinking
  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience in designing and building mobile solutions using modern digital technologies and tools on both iOS and android platforms
  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant Software engineering experience
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in using cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS
  • Development experience using python, R or Tensorflow
  • Knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and neural network fundamentals and their applications in image and video analytics
  • Knowledge of pre-built models for image recognition, object detection and other various applications of image analysis
  • Previous consulting experience would be a plus
  • 1 year of experience working in any technology innovation group would be a plus
  • Previous consulting experience would be a plus
  • 1 year of experience working in any technology innovation group would be a plus

Relocation Eligible: Not Eligible for Relocation
Job Type: Regular