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Zurich, Switzerland

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Posted 1 month ago

Ref. 2020_011


Many application domains increasingly require AD, when anomalies carry critical and actionable information. These include

  • Cyber-security and intrusion detection in Cloud and IT systems, also in government, defense and security agencies
  • Fraud detection in financial institutions
  • Manufacturing, IoT, industry and resource exploration
  • Healthcare etc.


We shall address the problem of detecting and predicting general anomalies in high-dimension KPI performance metrics, i.e., high dimension and dynamic range multivariate non-stationary time series collected from large Cloud / IT environments. Using Keras / TF etc., we will build an ML-based AD framework for transfer, attention and meta-learning that must remain robust also with reduced/missing and noisy training data. Besides feature engineering — e.g., selection, reduction, compression techniques — explainability will also be necessary for the model prototype.


  • Data science/mining in general
  • Feature engineering and DL experience with RNN/CNN/xAE in particular
  • Hands-on experience with deep neural network models in Python, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy etc., applied to deep RNN/CNN/Autoencoders
  • Motivation to learn real-life time series and experiment with DL in Keras/TensorFlow/ PyTorch

About the position

The research is to be performed at IBM Research – Zurich Lab, Switzerland.

The expected duration is 3–6 months, starting as soon as possible.


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