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The Logikcull internship program is for underrepresented and underserved individuals with an interest in the technology space.  We will select individuals for a 3-month long program in which they will be immersed in our Engineering and People teams.  This program is an excellent opportunity for individuals trying to transition into the technology space, such as parents returning to the workforce, military veterans returning from duty, or recent graduates from technology boot camps.  Interns will be expected to complete online courses throughout the fall and present their learnings on a bi-weekly basis to a small group of Logikbots (that’s what we call ourselves!).  They will work hand-in-hand with a person from their department on projects in their field.  In addition, interns will present their overall learnings at the end of the internship at a Logikcull All Hands meeting.  
Why we do what we doEver watch a crime show and at the last minute, the expert researchers were able to find that needle-in-a-haystack e-mail that proves the guilt of the hard-core criminal and saves the day?  Well, taking away all the dramatics, that is what Logikcull’s software does.  You plug data into our software and are able to easily and quickly search for what you’re looking for.  Voila!  No mysterious expert researchers necessary ;-)   
Logikcull’s mission is to democratize discovery. The costs and risks associated with complex data projects like e-discovery, responding to FOIA requests, and conducting internal investigations are skyrocketing as the amount of data increases. Logikcull is transforming these tasks so they can be completed in minutes, by anyone, anywhere. As a result, our customers--modern legal teams from solo attorneys to massive law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and leading non-profit organizations -- can find and use important information quickly so they can focus on their important work, like pursuing a better democracy or saving the Earth.    

Program Specifics

  • The internship will be from October 4 - December 30th (dates may be adjusted slightly)
  • Interns will be expected to work from home, 40 hours per week, M-F. 
  • Compensation will be $20/hour with an additional $250/mo given to cover fringe benefits, such as internet costs, phone bills, gym memberships, etc. 
  • Logikcull will provide a work laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 
  • Must submit applications, and answers to questions by ​​Friday, July 30, 2021.

What you'll be doing

  • Help the new Data Engineering team build our first projects and standards
  • Help build data pipelines to sync millions of rows from source databases to our analytics platform
  • Dig into data with senior engineers to answer questions across the company and help us build a better product
  • Level up your software engineering skills with code reviews and mentorship
  • Helping us learn how to provide an outstanding internship experience

The team you’ll be joining

  • The overall engineering team has over 30 engineers located across North America and the UK.
  • Within the engineering team, there are several smaller groups:
  • Discovery Platform: The web applications our customers use to interact with LogikcullData Processing: The pipeline systems that are used to extract, transform, and index customer documentsEngineering Platform: The infrastructure itself that powers the first two teamsUser Security: The core of making sure that our customer’s secure data stays that way.Data Engineering: All of the pipelines and logic powering data reporting. 
  • You will be joining the Data Engineering team with 2 senior engineers and a senior infrastructure engineer
  • We work together collaboratively to not only produce high-quality code but to establish standards as we build the systems from the ground up.
  • While we suffer from the same lack of diversity plaguing many industries, we are committed to working towards changing and growing the right way.


  • Applicants must be members of an underrepresented or underserved group, including, but not limited to, those of African American, Latino/Hispanic, or Native American
  • You have an interest in working in a technology startup environment
  • You are willing and able to work from home with a reliable internet connection and a distraction-free environment 
  • You know your way around SQL and JSON 
  • You are comfortable coding with Python and are ready to learn more about it
  • You are attending/have completed a STEM-related degree or coding boot camp
  • You are passionate about learning and are willing to be challenged even if uncomfortable
  • You get excited about data and unlocking its secrets
  • (Bonus) You have worked with ETL pipelines before
  • (Bonus) You can go beyond spreadsheets and tell a visual story with data 
  • Must submit applications, and answers to questions by ​​Friday, July 30, 2021.

Characteristics we seek (after our CTO, Sheng Yang):

  • Smart, not arrogant
  • Humble and hardworking
  • Entrepreneurial, not risk-averse
  • Nice, and not disingenuous
  • Grit, and lots of it!

Our core values:

  • Start with the why
  • Put the customer first
  • Pursue powerful simplicity
  • Do the right thing
  • Be S.H.E.N.G. (see characteristics above) 

What people say about us:

Here’s How to Apply… Please submit your resume along with your answers to the questions below.  1. We look for candidates that embody the traits of our CTO, Sheng Yang. These attributes include being:  Smart, not arrogant Humble and hardworking Entrepreneurial, not risk-averse Nice, and not disingenuous Grit, and lots of it! Select one of the above and tell us a story of how you exemplified this attribute.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to the others in the recruiting process!   2. Tell us about a moment from your past you feel helped shape who you are today. 3. Tell us why you are interested in data engineering instead of other areas of software engineering or even data science?

Please Note: The application deadline is Friday, July 30, 2021.
Job region(s): Remote/Anywhere
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