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Mendix is on a mission to enable anyone in any organization – from the marketing coordinator to the software developer to the CEO – to create things that are transformational for their company.  We are fundamentally reinventing the way applications are created and we’re reinventing the future of software development.  Sounds ambitious, right?  We agree.
Not to brag, but nearly 4,000 organizations worldwide, including KLM, Medtronic, Merck, and Philips, rely on Mendix to build web and mobile applications.  Thousands of our customers use our platform to delight their clients and empower their employees. It’s no surprise that we’re a recognized Leader by Gartner and Forrester in a red-hot market expected to exceed $21 billion by 2022.  Ok, maybe we did want to brag a little.  But we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished…and…we’re humble enough to admit that we need you to make us even more effective.
As a data analyst in the Community and Collaboration unit, you will work closely with the teams that work on elevating Mendix as a multi-experience platform. This Unit's ultimate goal is to"Make Makers." This means getting as many users as possible active on our platform, driving them to collaborate with each other and build apps. We believe that the experience of our platform is critical in the adoption of our platform. Therefore, besides building and maintaining a part of our platform(collaboration, community, learning, governance & control, and end-user platform), the C&C Unit is also responsible for our onboarding experience.
To ship the right experience for our users, we focus on user research and a data-driven approach when building our roadmaps with our product managers.
Your work will enable your team to take the developer experience of our products to the next level by helping them with setting up success metrics, provide them with valuable user insights for better decision making, and create useful analytics solutions together with them.

A handful of activities that you can expect to be working on throughout a normal work week:

  • Scoping and challenging analytics requests from the business;
  • Brainstorming about new ideas for the business;
  • Helping the business define, create and operationalize their KPIs;
  • Building operational and management level dashboards in Power BI;
  • Transforming data using SQL, R or Python;
  • Designing and doing in depth research with large raw datasets;
  • Applying statistical techniques to metrics and hypotheses to prove significance of results;
  • Presenting your findings and actionable recommendations or analytics products to the business;
  • Coming up with enablement strategies for analytics products;
  • Mentoring and teaching younger members of the COE;
  • Introducing new techniques, tools, and best practices for the COE.

Technical requirements:

  • Experience in product-led growth;
  • A/B testing;
  • KPI creation, target setting, forecasting, operationalization;
  • Data processing languages or scripting languages such as: SQL, R or Python;
  • BI toolings such as Power BI, Tableau, QlikSense, or BI dashboard creation using languages such as Python or Shiny
  • Research and hypothesis design;

Business requirements:

  • Experience with low code (app) development;
  • Experience with presenting analytics solutions or actionable insights from research to management;
  • Experience presenting analytics solutions or actionable insights from research to high level executives;
  • Experience with working in an agile scrum environment;
  • Experience with gathering requirements from the business;
  • Experience with challenging business partners to uncover the right requirements and clearly scope requests or ideas;
  • Experience with quickly learning about and familiarizing yourself with different business domains;
  • Experience with stakeholder management between different business units and management levels;
  • Experience with mentoring and/or teaching subject matter to colleagues;
  • Able to speak fluent English;
  • Speaking Dutch is a plus.

Personal character traits:

  • A good understanding of business needs and the ability to act accordingly, taking measured risks into account and the ability to take the organization to a next maturity level;
  • The ability to remain fully functional by adapting to changing circumstances (environment, procedures, people). Absorb new information readily and to put it into practice effectively;
  • Assertiveness; the ability to bring one’s views across clearly without damaging the relationship with stakeholders;
  • Creativity; the ability to come up with original and innovative ideas and solutions, to adopt points of view outside the usual parameters;
  • The ability to ask further with the ambition to deeply understand other perspectives and views in order to generate support.
Our Guiding Principles
While we live on different continents, speak different languages, and work on different things, we are bound by our “MendixBlue” guiding principles.  Being “MendixBlue” means that you live the culture, and you consistently improve it as we grow.  It’s kind of a big deal.
We put the customer first.  Without our customers, we have no business.  So, if you act in the best interest of our customers, always…you belong here.
We think big. We work to have a meaningful, lasting impact on the world.  So, if you aim high and think long term…you belong here.
We innovate.  We want to be what happens next.  So, if you ask “what if?” and work to find a way or make one…you belong here. 
We nurture talent.  We look, not just at the sum of what an individual has done, but at the potential of who they can be.  So, if you’re up for learning from your failures…you belong here.
We hear every voice.  Inflated egos don’t last here, humility does.  So, if you share credit and ensure that the best ideas win – regardless of who they come from…you belong here.
We own it.  If something needs doing, we do it. So, if you focus on the outcome, and take initiative to get it done…you belong here.
We have fun.  We use laughter as a common language.  We can ask for help and we’re happy to give it.  So, if you find joy and purpose in what you do…you belong here.
Make your career at Mendix.
There are precious few jobs that let you create the future. But you’ll find one at Mendix. We are at a pivotal time in our company’s existence: where rapid growth meets stable funding.  This is the time for industrious people to raise their hands to solve the next generation of problems. Mendix is a place where ambitious people can thrive; where you can identify an issue, propose a solution, and build the structure to make it happen.
Important to know: Mendix is a Siemens business, which means we’re backed by the resources and stability of one of the world’s largest and most forward-looking enterprises. Think: job security.
Since our company was founded in 2005, our aim has been to create a great work environment for people at all stages in their careers. That’s why we are so pleased and honored that we were rated a top Cloud Computing Company to work for in 2019, based on feedback from our employees on Glassdoor. With offices in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and the US, (and more coming), we provide an international playground to truly impact the world through low-code.
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