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Mindful Shopping with Smart Closets

Posted 5 months ago

Capsule is a mobile application that enables users to create their own AI shopping robot. The robot optimises on users shopping experiences by combining what they have and what they want in a unique way.

The objective: Identify out of the 1000s of images, 20-30 products on someone's phone (cloth, shoes, belt, sunglasses..) and add them in their digital closet. This needs to be identification of exact products (product name, advertised price and description).

For that one would need to 1)exclude images that do not contain image of phone owner (usually already done by Apple/Samsung), 2) exclude bad candidate pics (e.g. ones where user is very far or heavy saturation is applied..) 3) using segmentation and fine grain we would need to go to a manageable number of user images to identify the specific products.

Looking for someone with a minium of 3 years experience in applied computer vision to develop product, test it and help with integration in mobile app. Mobile app development of complimenatry features to be done speerately by other team. Identifying data set is key : There are a number of fashion aggregators that will be useful e.g. Lyst. 


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