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Paiania, Attica, Greece

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Posted 8 months ago

INTRACOM TELECOM is a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor operating for over 40 years in the market. The company innovates in the wireless access and transmission field, offers a competitive telco software solutions portfolio and combines its offerings with a complete range of professional services.

Our mission is to shape future through technology and we recognize that human capital is the key factor to achieve this in today's business environment. Our company's highly specialized and experienced personnel are pivotal to achieving demanding objectives and advancing the capabilities of the company to better serve its customers. Within this framework, we are looking for an agile and highly-motivated “ML Engineer / Data Scientist” to join a team of future shapers.

The candidate will be involved in the design, development and support of various services in Greece and/or abroad.


  • Implement, study and transform AI/ML prototypes
  • Design machine learning systems
  • Research and implement appropriate ML algorithms and tools
  • Develop machine learning applications according to requirements
  • Select appropriate datasets and data representation methods
  • Effectively translating business questions into data experiments
  • Perform statistical analysis and fine-tuning using test results
  • Extend existing ML libraries and frameworks
  • A/B testing and causal modelling


  • University degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering or other related discipline; Master’s degree is a plus
  • Experience in designing, building, testing & validating statistical models, working with Machine Learning/AI algorithms and statistical data mining techniques
  • Ability to interpret data, analyse results and provide technical reports
  • Strong problem solving skills with an emphasis on research and product development
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams
  • Experience using computer languages such as Python and/or Java, R and SQL to analyse data and draw insights from large data sets
  • Knowledge of a variety of AI and machine learning techniques (classification, clustering, reinforcement learning) and their real-world applications
  • Experience with modern machine/deep learning frameworks (like Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch) and libraries (like scikit-learn)
  • Excellent understanding of the different software utilities for data and distributed computation such as Hadoop, Apache Spark and Impala

Considered as a plus:

  • Knowledge in software engineering tools (Git, Continuous Integration, Issue Tracker)
  • Experience with Convolution/Recurrent Neural Networks (CNN, RNN) and Long Short-Term memory (LSTM)
  • Be active members of the applied research community, by validating and contributing to advances in ML
  • Experience in cloud-based Machine Learning tools, such as Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, AWS SageMaker, Google Cloud ML
  • Familiarity with Cloudera Distribution (e.g. Cloudera Data Science Workbench)
  • Experience in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Energy, IoT
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge ofDocker, Kubernetes

Personal characteristics

  • Team-oriented
  • Results-oriented
  • Self-motivated


INTRACOM TELECOM provides an excellent working environment which encourages team spirit, cooperation and continuous learning, in which the career prospects depend on each employee’s performance. Remuneration is competitive and aligned with the company’s credo “our competitive advantage is our human capital”.

Education and continuous personal improvement constitute major priorities for the company to keep abreast with the technology evolution and maintain the high growth rate and its strategic position.

Job tags: AI AWS Data Mining Deep Learning Engineering Hadoop Java Keras Kubernetes Linux Machine Learning ML Python PyTorch R Research RNN Scikit-Learn Spark SQL TensorFlow
Job region(s): Europe
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