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Our Operations team is seeking a Senior Analyst focused on shopper insights and KPIs to support enhancing the shopper experience. 

ABOUT THE SHOPPER 360 TEAM: In the spirit of Going Far, Together, the Shopper 360 team is dedicated to providing shoppers with a solid support network focused on community, pride, and work satisfaction. The team will achieve these goals by acting as a voice for shoppers while standing up and maintaining programming focused on learning, recognition and connection with one another and Instacart. 

HIGHLIGHTS: This role will drive the continued improvement of our shopper experience. By developing quantitative and data-based business cases to support new or existing initiatives, the Shopper Insights sub-team will be the most active voice of our more than half a million full service shoppers. Using actual data, as well as benchmarking and qualitative input from other teams and shoppers, this team will create an Instacart that shoppers love and in turn customers love. 


  • You will help to determine the most critical metrics that matter for our half a million full service shoppers and socialize them around the company. 
  • You will cultivate relationships with shopper product PMs and create a hunger for your insights 
  • You will execute complex quantitative analysis requiring advanced statistics such as multivariate regressions and use of graphical tools like Python and R to convey your findings. 
  • You will draft presentations regarding your findings, being clear on insights uncovered and the quantifiable value of enacting your recommendations. 
  • You will collaborate across Shopper 360 sub-pillars, using your insights to advise on future projects 
  • As the team grows you will engage with and develop more junior analysts to be high-performing contributors to the team and the org. 
  • You will support other Ops pillars providing insight and analysis where needed to maintain the efficacy of their programs and initiatives. 


  • 4+ years of experience in consulting, finance, operational excellence, or other quantitative and relevant field. 
  • Advanced capabilities in SQL, Microsoft Excel, and data visualization tools, e.g., Periscope, Tableau, etc. Knowledge of or willingness to learn Python, R, and other languages supported by existing tools 
  • Experience translating data into insight: you can take a database of thousands of records and translate it into actionable insights. 
  • Excellent presentation skills: comfort and experience presenting and defending analysis to VP+ level stakeholders. 
  • Strong communication skills: while you’re fluent in Excel and SQL, you can still speak the language of operations and continuous improvement to internal and external stakeholders 
  • Willingness to engage in the field: you will bring the full shopper perspective to bear as you conduct your analysis and make your recommendations. 
  • Fluent in all forms of data: you understand how different KPIs interact with each other and can predict the cascading affects one process change may have on a set of metrics. 
  • Positive and energetic attitude: Even the most demanding stakeholders can’t get you down, you can keep a smile and a hard-working attitude through even the most demanding moments. 
Job tags: Consulting Finance Python R SQL Tableau