Graduate ML Engineer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - Remote

Full Time Entry-level / Junior
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Are you feeling the pain of trying to find a job that’s the right fit for you? Recruiting is a difficult and time-consuming process that doesn't work efficiently for anyone. Hiring managers waste hours sifting through CVs, interviewing unsuitable candidates and making offers to people who don't work out. Candidates spend time applying to jobs that aren't relevant, that they never hear back from or that they don't know enough about. The result? A broken and inefficient process that props up a legacy industry worth billions of dollars in India alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’re looking for a bright, energetic graduate who wants to start off their career in machine learning in the strongest way possible. You don’t need loads of prior experience, or a slew of academic qualifications. We’re looking for somebody who actively builds out their skills beyond what they are taught academically, who has the empathy, hustle and entrepreneurial hunger for a dream job with a globally remote US-based employer.

With TeamEpics we are taking on the challenge of preparing you for a job outside of India. After a 1 to 2 month paid internship program, we will matchmake you with employers from across the world and find you a job that is the perfect match for you. Beyond the obvious upside of a salary 2-3 times above what you would earn in India, you will kickstart your career in a way that unlocks opportunities like relocation abroad and rapid career progression in a global technology market.

Why is this role great for you?

  • Join our mission to revolutionize the technical recruitment process and land a job that’s right for you regardless of which university you went to or where you were born
  • Our selection process is tough, but if you make it through you’ll be at the front of the queue for roles with global employers who will pay well-above the market rate in India
  • We take on all the risk to prepare and train you for interviews with top-quality clients, and once you land your dream job we continue to give you local support and coaching around things like taxes, social security and more

Start your own career on the right track with the opportunity to work for a globally remote employer in a way that emphasizes ownership and accountability from day one. It’ll be challenging but you’ll learn more, earn more and develop faster than you would following a traditional corporate ladder or conventional training program with a large, established corporate.

About TeamEpic

Our unique ‘hiring cooperative’ model is one where organizations and candidates work together to find the right fit. For our client organizations, we provide a bundling of expertise (powered by a blend of technical innovation and white-glove service) that helps them source candidates that are the right cultural, technical and personality fit for their requirements.

On the candidate side, everybody who applies via a TE-managed recruitment process obtains valuable real-world experience and human feedback that they can use to build their portfolio and soft skills. We only accept the best, and we back you by paying you a salary as you prepare. You’ll also get a taste of what real-world work looks like at specific companies before you accept an offer, helping you to understand if a particular role is really the right fit for you.

Our mission is to help people find their fit. We help companies secure great talent whilst giving back to the world, and empower candidates to learn and grow as they find the right role for them. We’re shaking up the status quo and making the world a better place.

What will you be doing?

As a Graduate ML Engineer, your first month in TeamEpic will include:

  • An induction period, where we’ll work with you to rapidly build the real-world skills you need to own client projects. Initially you’ll be backed by an experienced mentor every step, but we’re really looking for somebody that can quickly spread their wings and soar.
  • Group projects with other members of the internship program, where you’ll be working together as real projects on a peer basis as preparation for interview placements and demonstrations with real global-remote foreign companies.
  • Real ownership and responsibility with the support you need to succeed. We’ll co-develop a career plan with you that pushes your skills and capabilities and personal growth.

You’ll need a lot of energy and grit, but if you have what it takes there is no upper limit on the type of role that we can develop for you. It’s a rapid way to learn and grow as you help us make the world better by upending a painful and unoptimized legacy job market.


Are you the right fit for this Internship?

We’re looking for energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial flair above anything else. The rest is experience that we can build together. You should be:

  • Leading the field with your technical skills and ability in Data Science with deep knowledge of cutting-edge ML & DL frameworks, layered on top of a strong understanding of the fundamentals
  • Understands MLOps and has some experience in model development, testing, validation and deployment
  • Experience with Python & SQL, and Machine Learning & Big Data technologies such as Spark, Scikit-learn, pandas etc.
  • Exposure to deep learning architectures such as RNNs, CNNs, Transformers etc. is a bonus.
  • Worked with and understands cloud ML services
  • Hungry to learn and make a difference in the world, willing to both give and receive ego-free feedback and clear communication in the interest of what is right for our users
  • A pragmatist with sharp critical thinking skills, who seeks out problems to solve. You need to be objective enough to not get attached and throw away bad ideas, whilst staying optimistic enough to keep hunting for new ones that will help deliver results.
  • An excellent communicator and team player who can work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, from internal team members to external partners.
  • Somebody who can push themselves and takes pride in doing great work, inspiring and helping others around them do the same.

We're looking for applications from candidates who have recently graduated from university, across a wide range of backgrounds and agnostic of specific data science specializations. Our main focus is on you as a person and your real-world skills as a data scientist. If what you’ve read fills you with excitement and energy, let’s get started with your application!


You will also have access to a range of flexible benefits that are designed to help you make the most of your time with us.

  • Bonus scheme
  • 21 days’ holiday (plus bank holidays)
  • Flexible hours: choose how, when and where you work

Stipend: 20K - 40K INR per month during internship

Tags: Big Data Deep Learning Machine Learning MLOps Pandas Python Scikit-learn Security Spark SQL Testing Transformers

Perks/benefits: Career development Flex hours Flex vacation Home office stipend Relocation support

Regions: Remote/Anywhere Asia/Pacific
Country: India
Job stats:  29  6  0
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