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BoostDraft brings innovation to legal drafting by transforming Microsoft Word into an AI-assisted legal document editor.

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BoostDraft is a software engineering company that develops IDE for documents. It was founded by MIT and Stanford grad students, developing an assisted document editor for legal documents. It is a new document editor that employs error checking, reference checking and auto-completion using both rule-based approach and NLP, like what coding editors/IDE (e.g. VSCode, Pycharm) do.

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Background & Traction

We are currently focusing on Lawyers who draft relatively standardized but long documents, such as contracts. With only two years after our product launch, we already have more than 7,500 active paid users. We have several long-term, large-scale contracts with famed enterprises and law firms. As a result, we have been highly profitable from Day 1 and experienced exponential growth without outside funding at all.

Join our Engineering-First Team

At BoostDraft, we prioritize quality over quantity. As an engineering-first company. Around 70% of our team members are software engineers with extensive experiences from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HTC, Yahoo!, and NTT Lab. Our CEO, Yohei, who has proven experience in both Software Engineering and Business management, has built an organization that values and empowers software engineers.

Why BoostDraft?

Join a company that values innovation, research, and organic growth.

At BoostDraft, we offer:

  • A wealth of real-world applications in NLP/GenAI/DL/ML with access to practical and sensitive data. Currently, our platform serves over 7,500 active users, entrusted with confidential document creation.
  • Focus on R&D for new technology: We heavily focus on research for knowledge extraction leveraging user data
  • An Engineering-first approach: The CEO is also a software engineer and over 70% of members are software engineers. We believe in empowering our engineers and providing them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • Rapid organic growth : We have experienced 300% revenue growth, are profitable, and have achieved this without outside investment. All of our revenue is coming from referrals by users, no marketing efforts

Notable Achievements

BoostDraft was accepted by prestigious accelerator program: 

  • MassChallenge (Top 30 US accelerator)
  • StartX (Stanford Accelerator, 7% acceptance rate)
  • MIT Sandbox (Accelerator of Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Technical Challenges We solve

  • Security preserved document understanding.
    • search similar sentences
    • highlight important sentence
    • anonymize sensitive documents
    • update models by using federated learning
  • DL/ML on the customer's local environment.

What’s your challenge

As a Research Engineer at BoostDraft, you will be responsible for:

  • Design and implement new features for our products.
  • Especially, apply LLM/DeepLearining/ML/NLP techs for our editor product.
  • Interview our customers and design new features/apps for solving their problems.
  • Analyze public/private data for understanding legal documents.
  • Evaluating cutting-edge DL/ML/NLP techs.


  • Experience in natural language processing using deep learning frameworks such as Huggingface/PyTorch/TensorFlow.
  • Fundamental knowledge of basic data retrieval using RDBMS, KVS, full-text search engines, etc.
  • Experience with programming languages other than Python, such as Java, C#, C++, Rust, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript.
  • Experience in commercial or open-source software development.
  • Business-level proficiency in English conversation.

Academic Background

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (preferred)


  • Experience in software development for Windows.
  • Knowledge of binary-related concepts such as CPU architecture, compilers, linkers, build systems, etc.


Visa and Relocation

Our teams are working fully remotely, and we are expanding our global presence. While our headquarters are currently in Japan, relocation to Japan is not mandatory. If you wish to relocate, we are happy to help you obtain a visa.

Working Arrangement

  • Fully remote

※For employees residing near Tokyo, there may be opportunities to work in person several times a month

  • Flexible working time
    • Flexible time: 6:00 am - 11:30 am / 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    • Core time: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm


  • Virtual Office
    • You'll have the ability to craft a character within a virtual office environment and engage with fellow colleagues through interactive experiences

Home, or any other place equivalent to home

※There is a possibility of commuting to a location designated by the company due to business reasons

5-day workweek(Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays / End of Year and New Year holidays (set by company) / others set by company)


Full-time(Fixed overtime pay included) 

※permanent employment

6 months


Additional Details to Follow During Hiring Process

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Tags: Architecture Computer Science Deep Learning Engineering Generative AI HuggingFace Java JavaScript LLMs Machine Learning NLP Open Source Python PyTorch R R&D RDBMS Research Rust Security TensorFlow TypeScript

Perks/benefits: Career development Flex hours Relocation support

Regions: Remote/Anywhere North America
Country: United States

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