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Wrike is the most powerful work management platform. Built for teams and organizations looking to collaborate, create, and exceed every day, Wrike brings everyone and all work into a single place to remove complexity, increase productivity, and free people up to focus on their most purposeful work.   Our vision:  A world where everyone is free to focus on their most purposeful work, together.   

Ready to become a Wriker?

Wrike is the leading collaborative work management platform with a vast amount of data comprising work item content, entity relations, complex account processes, user interactions, and user input, as well as business data including lead and customer lifecycle and marketing efforts. Data Science and Machine Learning (DS/ML) departments are to analyze and transform all of it to create data-driven solutions that will give users valuable insights, improve productivity and user experience, and automate routine repetitive work, help us make better decisions and improve efficiency of our business.

More about Your team

We are hiring to two data science teams, one working on improving product, second the business. As a Data Scientist at Wrike, you will play a critical role in your respective team by leveraging Machine Learning and other data-driven approaches. You will not only work on specific product features but also contribute to the creation of foundational, low-level models and machine learning systems that empower all intelligent functionalities of our product or support decisions. You'll work in close collaboration with other departments across the organization, participate in the initial research of potential features and systems required for them, set up numerous hypotheses validations, and drive them to product realization.  

Project highlights

As a new Data Scientist joining our team, you will be involved in exciting projects. We already have smart ML-based features (like project risk, personalized search, subtasks extraction etc.), but we want to create a truly intelligent and AI-centric product. Our plans include developing new product features using both usual ML and LLM (i.e. smart resource allocation, project structure creation), an AI assistant to connect these features. We plan to make core ML systems the foundation for the product's intelligence. Your expertise will be crucial in achieving these goals and shaping our company's future. On the business side we support lead prioritisation, customer lifecycle management and help marketing optimise campaigns. Our goal is to improve our current set of models and identify new areas where ML and LLM can be applied to help us make smarter decisions or save time.

How we work

  • Python
  • Scikit-learn, lightgbm, tensorflow, keras, shap, optuna, etc.(heavily depends on a specific project)
  • Google Cloud Platform (Vertex, BigQuery, Cloud storage)
  • Langchain, OpenAI APIs
  • flake8, black, mypy, Pydantic
  • pandas, numpy, SciPy
  • Dagster, mlflow


How You’ll make an impact

  • Developing new and enhancing existing data-driven solutions through ML model training, application of pre-trained models or APIs, and more.
  • Being engaged in the entire data-driven development process, from analyzing requirements to launching features or systems into production (with the assistance of MLOps specialists) and improving it based on results of monitoring and feedback
  • Communicating with fellow data scientists, product owners, developers, and/or business stakeholders
  • Applying best software engineering practices to build a reliable codebase
  • Conducting code reviews to ensure quality.
  • Working in agile environment and presenting the results of your work on regular sprint reviews

You will achieve your best if you have

  • 2+ years of experience in Data Science and Machine learning
  • Confident statistical and machine learning skills 
  • Proficiency in Python (including pure Python, and not only jupyter notebooks)
  • Experience in using reproducible research techniques
  • Experience in developing ML solutions for production usage
  • Proactivity in self-improvement of skills and knowledge.

You will stand out with

  • Experience in ML solutions related to social networks, recommendation systems, ranking, entity matching, process mining, system personalization, risk estimation.
  • NLP experience.
  • Experience in creating core ML systems which are foundational to the product and are utilized in multiple parts.
  • Familiarity with llms, llm-based APIs, prompting techniques, metric-driven development of prompt-based features, and related topics.
  • Experience in building complex multipart and multistep ML and llm-based systems.
  • Conversational systems experience, including llm-based.
  • History of solving diverse set of problems using ML
  • Background in classical software development and architecture.

Perks of working at Wrike

  • 25 days of holidays
  • Cafeteria bonuses (Benefit plus) 
  • Meal vouchers  (220CZK/working day)
  • Sick leave compensation
  • Private healthcare membership (Canadian Medical)
  • Pension plan
  • Mobile tariffs
  • „Lítačka“ transportation annual coupon reimbursement
  • Multisport card
  • Parental leave

What's next?

  • A 30 minute screening interview with a recruiter
  • A Technical interview (1-2 hours) alongside two of our senior Data Scientists
  • A Cultural interview (1.5 hours)

Your recruitment buddy will be Marketa Rezacova, Lead TA Representative.



Who Is Wrike and Our Culture

We’re a team of innovators and creators who solve the complex work problems of today and tomorrow.   Hybrid work mode
Wrike promotes a hybrid work mode for those that live near an office hub, we meet in the office 2-3 times a week. This work mode supports our culture of collaboration and solving problems fast to deliver business outcomes and win together.

Our persona 

💡  Smart: We love what we do, and we’re great at it because this is our domain. Our combined knowledge in this space is unmatched. 💚  Dedicated: We get up every day focused on helping our customers win. We’re committed to helping our teammates win, too! 🤗  Approachable: We're friendly, easy to get along with, considerate, and helpful. 

Our culture and Values 

🤩 Customer-Focused

We care about our customers. We understand the customer journey, experience, and value derived from Wrike. Decision-making and action-taking are done with the customer in mind.

🤝 Collaborative

We work as one and win together, each bringing unique strengths that contribute to diversity of thought for better outcomes. Leveraging our own work management platform, we foster an environment of creative collaboration and shared achievement.

🎨 Creative

We strive to succeed through continuous innovation. It’s our pursuit of novel concepts that helped us create a market category. We continue to cultivate a workplace that fosters creative thinking as a means of transcending conventional boundaries and empowers us to break new ground to deliver extraordinary work management solutions. 

💪 Committed

We believe in ownership at all levels of the organization, by owning workflows from start to finish. Each member of our team is an integral part of this commitment, establishing work as a platform for personal growth and transformation, as well as collective success and growth.

  Check out our LinkedIn Life PageInstagram, Wrike Engineering TeamMedium,, Youtube for a feel for what life is like at Wrike. 

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* Salary range is an estimate based on our AI, ML, Data Science Salary Index 💰

Tags: Agile APIs Architecture BigQuery Core ML Dagster Engineering GCP Google Cloud Jupyter Keras LangChain LightGBM LLMs Machine Learning MLFlow MLOps Model training NLP NumPy OpenAI Pandas Prompt engineering Python Research Scikit-learn SciPy Statistics TensorFlow Vertex AI

Perks/benefits: Career development Flex hours Medical leave Parental leave Startup environment

Region: Middle East
Country: Cyprus
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Category: Data Science Jobs

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