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We’re a software development company with a heart. Netguru is full of professional, extremely capable people, ready to jump into any project and give it their best.

We offer application development services for businesses of any size, adding the hidden value of know-how and long market experience to each project. It includes building web, mobile and desktop apps of top quality, for any industry, including banking, healthcare, commerce, tourism, and robotics.

Over the past ten years, Netguru has changed the way people bank, listen to music, learn languages, and rent bicycles. Some of their clients include Fortune 500 companies and startups like solarisBank, Hive, Temi and more. Netguru works with the largest brands in the world, such as Volkswagen, IKEA or Keller Williams.

Netguru is a great place to broaden your Machine Learning experience in a large variety of projects - from computer vision, through natural language processing to recommender systems.


Joining Netguru means:

  • Unique opportunity to be a part of a ML department in Netguru, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe,
  • Working with a cross-functional team of software engineers, application/UI engineers, QAs, and designers,
  • Solving a rich set of challenges in our 90+ projects,
  • Owning the development of machine learning algorithms,
  • Connecting the Machine Learning world with Web applications.


  • At least 3 years' practical experience in Machine Learning, preferably using Python (academia or industry),
  • Hands-on knowledge of Python,
  • Experience in at least 1 commercial project,
  • Experience in deploying machine learning models to production,
  • Experience in at least one of the following: Recommender Systems/Anomaly detection/Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing
  • Solid understanding of the theoretical concepts behind Machine Learning,
  • Solid knowledge of machine learning workflow best practices,
  • Familiarity with scientific and machine learning libraries such as: NumPy/Pandas/Scikit-learn,
  • Familiarity with at least one of the following Deep Learning libraries: Keras/Tensorflow/PyTorch/Caffe/MXNet,
  • Solid knowledge of data structures, object-oriented programming, and software engineering principles,
  • Ability to dissuade a client/team from making wrong decisions based on experience, providing guidance and expertise in your field,
  • Very good command of written and spoken English (CEFR B2+) (Polish is not required),
  • Ability to quickly find solutions to issues – you understand the business side of the project and are able to find the best balance between clients’ requirements and the technical aspects of a project,
  • Readiness to help Project Managers manage their project (from the technical perspective).


  • Know Scrum and Agile methodologies,
  • Are always willing to help and mentor other developers,
  • Have experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Docker,
  • Kaggle track record,
  • Experience with Apache Spark.


Perks & benefits:

  • MacBook — we like to work with the best equipment
  • Additional accessories for your computer to make your work even more efficient and comfortable
  • Luxury private health insurance package with dental care + MultiSportPlus card
  • Optional life insurance for you and your family
  • Individual growth budget for your educational plan
  • Free sandwiches and half-price lunches
  • Team Retreats and Team Meetups which allow you to spend time with your team and bond
  • If you want to read more about it check our 7 reasons to work at Netguru.

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