Machine Learning Engineer (NLP)

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Posted 1 month ago

Job Description

At Ginger, we aim to provide better mental health care to humanity at a scale larger than has ever been possible before. This is no small task and as an expanding team we are working on a number of initiatives to achieve this, including aggressively building tools to simultaneously grow our reach and improve quality of care.

What you'll do

As a core part of a close-knit data science team you’ll:

  • Design, train and validate algorithms to derive as much actionable information from our data (text, media, activity etc) as possible.
  • Engineer informative NLP features that allow us to summarize salient passages, infer quality of care, etc.
  • Develop and deploy algorithms that boost coach and clinician awareness of member goals, status, history and probable future conditions
  • Write new algorithms to recommend specific personalized health-promoting content (e.g. modules in the app) based on a range of features
  • Integrate streaming activity and sleep data directly from the phone or via services to expand our capacity to provide meaningful insight and care. 
  • Collaborate with engineers to integrate algorithms efficiently with backend production services 
  • Work with product team to define solutions and integrate them into the roadmap
  • Help us scale our services using GPUs and modern distributed processing tools in the cloud (AWS)
  • Dig into data with  ad hoc analysis as necessary for technical, clinical, customer etc needs
  • Improve and help define the data team’s processes and tooling
  • See that we remain at the bleeding edge of advanced analytical capability in our effort to provide unparalleled levels of personalized care.
  • Employ data to keep our eyes on the prize: improved mental-health outcomes for all members.

Necessary Skills:

  • Machine Learning 2+ years
  • Data Science 1+ years
  • Python 2+ years
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) 1+ years
  • Foundation in statistics
  • Mathematically fluent
  • Masters in technical field or experiential equivalent

Preferred Skills:

  • Modern NLP tools such as spaCy, CoreNLP, Gensim, NLTK 1+ years
  • Deep net ML development experience using PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.
  • Distributed ML via Spark or similar 
  • ML on GPUs 
  • Deploying to production systems with active customers 
  • Python 4+ years
  • Numpy/Scipy/Pandas 2+ years
  • Deep learning for text understanding and generation
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 1+ years
  • Docker 
  • AWS Lambda, Sagemaker
  • Strong on Stats
  • Strong data visualization skills
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Experience in the healthcare space

Who we are

At Ginger, it’s our mission to create a world where everyone has the support they need to improve their mental well-being and live happier healthier lives. 

Every Ginger user is connected to a behavioral health coach who responds via text, within minutes. Coaches provide personalized, proven, coping strategies and help individuals set and achieve goals. Our licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists provide clinical care and medication management over video sessions, ensuring easy access and measurable progress. 

Pinterest, Buzzfeed and numerous other companies trust Ginger to provide mental health benefits to their employees. Fast Company called Ginger one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare, and the World Economic Forum named us a Technology Pioneer. 

We are a mission-driven team that offers competitive compensation. We believe individuals that bring different perspectives to challenges are more innovative, collaborative, and create better solutions. To that end, we're striving to build a workplace that actively embraces diverse people, ideas, talents and experiences.

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