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United Arab Emirates


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**Job Title: Data Analyst**



- Relevant Experience: 5 years

- Total Experience: 9 years


**Key Requirements:**

1. **Data Modeling:** Proficient in designing and implementing effective data models to support business requirements and analytics.


2. **Azure:** Hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, and other relevant services.


3. **Architectural Skills:** Familiarity with data architecture principles and the ability to contribute to the development of scalable data solutions.


4. **Data Analytics:** Strong analytical skills to interpret complex data sets and provide actionable insights for business improvement.


5. **Power BI:** Proficient in creating compelling and interactive visualizations using Power BI for effective data communication.


6. **Data Transformation:** Experience in transforming raw data into meaningful and valuable insights through various data transformation techniques.


7. **Python and Panda:** Strong proficiency in Python programming language and Pandas library for data manipulation and analysis.


8. **Kafka:** Knowledge of Kafka for real-time data streaming and processing.


9. **Banking Experience:** Previous experience in the banking sector is a must, demonstrating an understanding of financial data, security, and compliance requirements.


10. **Attitude:** Proactive and assertive approach to problem-solving, with the ability to drive initiatives and projects forward.



- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and provide data-driven insights.

- Develop and maintain data models to support analytical needs and business reporting.

- Utilize Azure services, including Data Factory and Databricks, for efficient data processing and analysis.

- Design and implement data transformation processes to enhance data quality and usability.

- Create and maintain interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI.

- Utilize Python and Pandas for data analysis and scripting tasks.

- Work with real-time data streams using Kafka for timely insights.

- Ensure compliance with data security and regulatory requirements in the banking domain.



- Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, or a related field.

- Proven experience in data analysis with a focus on Azure technologies.

- Strong proficiency in Python programming and experience with Pandas.

- Experience with real-time data processing using Kafka.

- Previous experience in the banking sector is essential.

- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

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Tags: Architecture Azure Banking Computer Science Data analysis Data Analytics Databricks Data quality Kafka Pandas Power BI Python Security Statistics Streaming

Region: Middle East
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Category: Analyst Jobs

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